Unlock Your Car Door

If you are in Corona or anywhere in its vicinity and have somehow locked yourself out of your car, all you need to do is give us at Palmway Locksmith a call, we are available 24/7, will be with you within 30 min and get you back inside your car in no time. To top all of this off, you will find that we offer unbeatable rates.

Any Type of Car

At Palmway Locksmith we hire only highly qualified, fully certified locksmith techs. Our techs posses all the necessary professional knowhow in order to gain access to any type of automobile. From ancient antiques with old fashioned door lock mechanisms to the most modern, luxury cars with the most advanced hi-tech type locks, we provide an unlock car door service which encompasses all of these.
We make sure that we provide our techs with all the necessary tools of trade so that they can handle any type of unlock car door challenge that you may throw their way. Our service vans are state of the art, mobile locksmith workshops.

Super Fast, 30 min ETA Guaranteed

At Palmway Locksmith we know how frustrating it is to be left standing next to a locked car, not being able to get in and drive off. We value our clients’ time and make sure that we provide the fastest unlock car door service in Corona. Being a local firm we know our way around the city and its surroundings, wherever in or around Corona you may be, we can be with you within 30 min from the moment you place your call.
Our techs are all highly skilled, service oriented professionals. Once with you they will proceed to unlock your car’s door for you, getting the job done quickly and without causing any damage to your car.

Highly Reliable

With Palmway Locksmith you can be sure that we deliver on anything we promise. When we say we will be with you within 30 min that is exactly what we will do, with us you will never encounter any hidden costs or other such unpleasant surprises, you will pay exactly the amount we stated in the initial quote we gave you over the phone.

Highly Competitive Rates

Since we aim for full customer satisfaction we make sure that our top class service is coupled by unbeatable rates. We have streamlines our operation so that we can offer rates which our competitors find hard to match.
With Palmway Locksmith of Corona you get nothing but top class service at highly competitive rates. If you need an unlock car door service, whatever type of car is involved, and if you are in or anywhere around Corona, giving us at Palmway Locksmith a call is the very best thing you can do, we will be with you in no time (30 min tops) and sort the situation out for you in the most professional manner, getting you back behind the wheel in no time. To top things off, you’ll find that you pay less than you though you would need to.