Palmway Locksmith – Easy Open Trunk Techniques for Corona Drivers

A trunk is one of the most useful features offered by cars. It can be used to store things for a time when they are needed during some kind of roadside emergency, it can be used to transport things from point A to B, and it can be used as an alternative and temporary storage place.
The problem is that trunks are not immune to malfunctions and problems. Having your trunk stuck is, not so surprisingly, a common situation that many car owners experience.

Why Trunks Get Stuck?

How does it happen? Well, being the simple mechanism that it is, it can easily accumulate grit, dust, or even corrosion due to humidity. These can get the latch stuck and immovable thus locking the trunk. Another option has to do with losing your trunk keys, or relying on a damaged remote control that will not open the trunk. In such cases, opening the trunk from the outside becomes next to impossible and you will have to do it from the inside, manually.
This can sometimes work. But more often than not, car owners will require the assistance of a professional locksmith company. That is where we come in. Palmway Locksmith’s trunk opening techniques will make sure your trunk will not resist for much longer. Our expert technicians will open up that stubborn trunk for you, offering 24/7 availability and very short arrival times of up to 30 minutes.
Giving back to our local community of Corona is very important to us, and so we treat every problem as if it was our own.

A Selection of Solutions

Opening jammed trunks is not the only thing our professionals excel at. Here are a few examples of our professional solutions and services, offered to Corona drivers:

  • Problems with transponder key, chip key, or switchblade key
  • Locks rekeying
  • Ignition key repair services
  • Emergency locksmith
  • Alarm systems installations and maintenance
  • Keys replacement and duplication
  • Etc.

Reliable Service

Palmway Locksmith believes that providing an honest and professional service is the only way to retain satisfied customers, and that is why our certified and bonded locksmiths are highly trained and hold vast mechanical knowledge. This way we can accommodate the locksmith needs of the entire Corona community.
Delivering professional solutions also makes sure our customers’ cars do not sustain any further damage while being treated. An amateur trying to pry open a jammed trunk can easily cause great damage to the trunk’s locking mechanism or even to other parts of the car. This can result in greater expense and time loss.

Give Us a Call

When you need a professional with effective trunk opening techniques anywhere in Corona all you have to do is contact us at (951) 444-9934 and we will be on our way to assist you. As a resident of Corona, or even if you are just passing by our great city, be sure that we have got your back.