Best Ignition Key Repair Services in Corona

Sometimes an ignition key can be repaired thus the making of a replacement key becomes unnecessary.
At Palmway Locksmith Corona we will know when this is a option and will advise you accordingly. We are always available for immediate response and so you can count on our assistance anytime, day or night, 24/7 all year round, we are a local, Corona based, company and so are dedicated to providing Corona’s residents with top class comprehensive locksmith solutions at impossible to beat prices.

Modern Ignition Keys

Ignition keys are constantly getting more and more complex. In the past car ignition keys were not much different from keys to any other type of lock, they were purely mechanical, just blades which hold patterns fitting the ones in the lock thus, once inserted, enable the turning of the lock.
But a lot has changed since then. Today almost all car ignition keys have chips installed in them, ones which transmit a code that must be supplied to a transponder system along with the turning of the ignition switch, otherwise the car’s engine just won’t start.

Apart from the above mentioned chip (responsible for the name “chip keys”) ignition keys may be fitted in to “handles” in which remotes are installed, rendering it unnecessary to carry both ignition keys and car door opening and car alarm system operating remotes separately.

Repaired Rather Than Replaced

In light of the above it easy to understand that if a faulty ignition key can be repaired it may very well be a much cheaper solution. We at Palway Locksmith will know when an ignition key can be repaired and will advise you of this. If you are in Corona and have an ignition key that won’t work, call us, we may offer you an ignition key repair service that will enable providing you with a key that’s just as good as a brand new one for a fraction of the price.

At Palway Locksmith we are dedicated to providing Corona’s community with any and all locksmith solutions, ignition key repair among them. Other services we offer are:
All types of auto locksmith services such as:

  • Car lockout solutions
  • Ignition key replacement (including transponder keys)
  • Chip key duplication
  • Ignition switch rekeying in cases of lost car keys
  • Anything auto alarm of antitheft system related
  • Any other auto locksmith solution you may need
  • All types of residential and commercial locksmith services such as:
  • Lock installation and repair (any type of lock including high security locks)
  • Safe cracking, installation and repair
  • Lock rekeying
  • Key duplication (any type of key)
  • Alarm system installation and servicing (maintenance and repair)
  • Garage doors and iron gates
  • Master key systems (installation and repair)
  • Any other residential or commercial locksmith service you may need